Butter & Ghee

The Butter & Ghee range from Nagar Milk is steeped in purity and tradition, offering products that not only enhance the flavor of dishes but also contribute to their nutritional richness. Made from the cream of the best quality milk, these products underscore the brand’s commitment to delivering the taste, aroma, and health benefits that are integral to Indian cooking and beyond.

Butter Milk & Probiotic

The Buttermilk & Probiotic range by Nagar Milk is designed to offer refreshing and healthful options that support digestive health and provide hydration. These beverages blend the traditional benefits of buttermilk with modern nutritional science, introducing probiotics to enhance gut health, making them a perfect choice for those seeking both nourishment and taste.

Concentrated Milk

Nagar Milk’s Concentrated Milk products are innovatively designed to enrich culinary creations with sweetness and texture. From condensed milk for desserts to evaporated milk for cooking, these products offer a convenient way to bring the creamy richness of milk to your dishes. This range reflects the brand’s innovative approach to providing quality, versatile dairy solutions for every kitchen.

Curd & Yogurt

Nagar Milk’s Curd & Yogurt products are crafted using traditional methods and enhanced with probiotics to support digestive health. These products exemplify the brand’s commitment to delivering delicious dairy products that also promote well-being. With a focus on taste and health benefits, they are perfect for incorporating into daily meals and enhancing gut health.


Nagar Milk’s Desserts collection celebrates the joy of sweetness, tradition, and innovation. From rich and creamy ice creams to traditional kulfi, each dessert is crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients. These products are a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating moments of delight while upholding the heritage and quality that Nagar Milk is known for.


Nagar Milk provides a comprehensive array of milk products, tailored to meet diverse dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. From full-fat for those seeking indulgence to low-fat for health-conscious consumers, each variant is produced with cutting-edge processing techniques that ensure natural goodness, fortified with essential nutrients to enhance health and vitality.


Nagar Milk’s Paneer is a testament to the brand’s dedication to freshness, quality, and nutrition. Made from premium milk, this paneer is not only a rich source of protein and calcium but also versatile enough to be used in a variety of dishes. It embodies the brand’s commitment to providing ingredients that are essential for healthy diets and culinary creativity.

Powdered Milk

With Nagar Milk’s Powdered Milk, convenience meets quality without compromise. These products offer the nutritional benefits and taste of milk in a long-lasting, versatile form, perfect for cooking, baking, and beverage making. This range exemplifies the brand’s innovation, ensuring that the natural goodness of milk is never more than a cupboard away, ready to enhance your culinary creations